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Happy 55 Chevy Dual Quad Customer



Hi Engine Factory  Friends , we are so happy we finish the project Eleanor with your 600 hp engine here in Mexico, I share a video link and pictures with you.




Saludos Adrian Barbosa




ronbusch engine build from engine factory 
Finally finished my truck,1931 Ford Model A. The 383 you built for me is fantastic. This engine is so well balanced you wouldn’t know it was running, the awesome sound puts that to bed. I haven’t put too many miles on it so I have been taking it easy. I can’t wait to get some more miles on it so I can see what it will really do. Easiest, safest, and by far the most bang for the buck you will find anywhere. Thanks also to the delivery of the engine. The driver helped me get it into my garage, and being a true gear head he wouldn’t take a tip. He said he really just wanted to see what it looked like ! Thank you Engine Factory.





67-mustang 67-mustang-2


Hello Everyone at the Engine Factory,


I wanted to take a bit of your time this morning to personally Thank everyone at the Engine Factory for the great work they did in helping me build my 302 Crate Engine 350 hp. 


It has been a long 3 year journey for a car novice like me in getting my 302 Crate Engine in my 67 Mustang.  It was a great hit at my recent Wedding that took place 28 May 2017. 


I couldn't have done it without the professional help from your company that assisted me throughout the purchase and continued to assist me well after the purchase of the engine.  I would like to personally thank Christian, Tim, Brad, Bruce and Matt and everyone else behind the scenes, that assisted me and helped me make my dream come true. 


Thank You so much.   




Subject: 427 build  https://www.facebook.com/MuscleCarEngines/videos/10154909157953990/ 

Bruce, Matt, Brad and the guys at Engine factory. 

I had a hard time trusting that I would receive a quality engine for the money spent with somebody that you don't know and typically far away. Your process is easy smooth and transparent. Brad is a super good dude with a high level of attention to detail and was gracious enough to take the time on several occasions and have a conversation with me on the phone and not rush me off or get frustrated with simple questions. The pictures of the assembly are awesome the Run video is awesome and I can't thank you guys enough for the awesome looking and awesome running 427 stroker Dart motor. I'm the guy that always does everything himself and chooses to take the hard road. I am glad I had you put this motor together and assemble all the external components, run it and dial in this thing. Thank you all again. I couldn't be more satisfied. 

Garret Henchcliffe



6.7ltr Ford 418w from The Engine Factory Ian Robinsons 6.7ltr Ford 418w from The Engine Factory


Hi Bruce

I hope you and everyone there at FFR & the Engine Factory are keeping well.


Just a brief note to say a big thanks to you (and the teams behind the scenes) for your help over the past 14 months… following our visit (my son & I) back in September 2015, today I received notification that my Type 65 Coupe (#F5R1000708CPB) is fully road legal here in the UK.


We first started the build on 16th March 2016 - Right Hand Drive / Complete kit / Independent rear suspension / 6.7ltr Ford 418w from The Engine Factory.


Drives & sounds amazing!!! First show booked for July ;0)


Thanks again everyone!


Ian Robinson



Todd Hallsten My father bought his 350 Chevy from Bruce when I was a young buck. BOY does that 68 RS run like a raped ape. It's a goal on mine to install one in my own classic when I find one and have the funds. The motor in my father’s Camaro has started like new every time for the past 10 years with no tinkering at all, and I mean at all. Enginefactory will be my first call when the day comes. 

Thanks again Bruce.



Engine build by EngineFactory.com 

Subject: 350 engine shipped to Sweden


Hello Matt


At last the car is ready and we have started up the engine! It sounds and looks really good!


As you can see on the picture that even the wierd americans like it.


Best regards Mats  mats@gyllensvaan.se




Engine Build by EngineFactory.com 

Bruce and Matt,


You guys built me an engine 5 years ago. Last month, I finally finished the project. The engine you guys built runs great and despite sitting for about a year, fired up the first time we turned the key.


Thank you for making a solid, reliable product!


Andrew  wichita.six@gmail.com




Ray Show Any man that can play with a engine while wearing a white sweater I will buy an engine from you!!!




Engine Build For Isael Lozoya 


Isael Lozoya reviewed Muscle Car Engines  5 star    click attachment above to view engine. 

January 19 at 2:29pm · 

Absolute best customer service I have ever experienced.. motor ships today and can't wait to receive it ... I'll update my review upon delivery of motor ...

It was completed and shipped ahead of schedule ... was given updates on motor as progress went on

I have multiple other projects I will be using them for any motor builds

Click to see the engine run   https://www.facebook.com/MuscleCarEngines/videos/10154409393118990/




Scott Baswell [mailto:zebrathirtyfive@gmail.com]

Engine Factory Great motor!  For a first timer, I got it installed in less than an hour and running by the end of the day.  Big thanks to all your guys for the tech support and help. I posted a 5 star Rating to your site.

Thanks again Scott




Jeremy Johnston Here the thing price has no bounds the better quality of part is going to come with a greater price , for instance a super stock small block can run over $30000 350 cubic inches that makes 600hp you get what you pay for !!!!!




Hello Matt,

I wanted to thank you and Bruce for all your professionalism as well as your patience in building this engine. I have attached a picture of the engine you provided us. My wife is very pleased and wanted me to pass on her thanks as well. We will definitely look to you guys again if we ever need another engine. Great job and thank you again!.

Thank you,

Greg Lovvorn/President

BL Fabricators, Inc.





This is a 427 small block Chevy that is shipping to Sweden next week. Click on the video and see the Throttle response on this Awesome Engine.




Hi guys, looks and sound absolutely fantastic! I'm very pleased I decided to go with you, top grade service all the way.

Thank you very much Robert Bertilsson




Brandon Greer That drive belt system is $2,000 by its self.. You can see how much quality these guys are going for.




Pascal - France Engine Build

Hi Matt and Bruce,

When you are in France, it is not easy, it is impossible to find a new engine for a 65 mustang .


Engine factory made it simple, fast with an attractive price.


15 days since the order until the delivery. With a follow-up of photos and videos, when we are far it is brilliant.

Turn key is really Turn Key, very simple

My engine run now very well with 800 miles


Click this link to see it run.   https://youtu.be/-GiPtbYcmsc


I apologize for my English !!

Thank you

Sincerely Pascal




 Matt and Bruce Just wanted to drop you a note and a Picture of the stroker motor in my Corvette that I got from you a couple of years ago.  The project is finally done and the motor is awesome.  Thanks for the great product and the professional service.


Mike Quinlan

Sumter, SC



Engine Factory Engine Build 


From: Wayne Powell [mailto:harleyking99.wp.wp@gmail.com]

Hi Matt I just thought I'd drop you a picture of the Corvette after engine was installed complete wow what power. The easiest thing was putting the engine in being it came to me ready to run right out of the box.

Thanks Wayne



Frank Nistad Engine built by Engine Factory 


From: Frank Nistad [mailto:fnis4012@gmail.com]

Hey  Matt thanks for my second engine from you guys It runs and sounds Great.


Click this link to see the Engine run   https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153299145948990




From: Bob Turner [mailto:rlt3214@aol.com]
Subject: Happy, Happy, Customer


Just wanted to let you know that I am another HAPPY customer  My dream car took three years and ten days to complete.  I still catch myself starring at that beautiful 427.  Thanks for your quality and craftsmanship.  Hope I can build again soon with a Chevy engine from the BEST  Engine Factory.  The photos are a few that I am sure you will like.
Thanks for your time and guidance,  Bob Turner
Engine built by Robert  4/23/12




satisfied customer letter robert safran 



I finished my Factory Five Mk4 Roadster. These pics are taken at a car show in Houston, Texas. I got a lot of positive comments from everyone that saw my car. They thought my 302 engine that came from the Engine Factory was absolutely beautiful. The engine, clutch & TKO transmission package provided by the Engine Factory is perfect for this car. It runs fantastic! I am very happy & pleased with my choice of this engine. Thanks for all your support.


Robert Safran





Good Morning Matt,

We finally installed the new motor, and put A/C in the old truck as well. It now has Power Steering, A/C, new Exhaust.

The motor RUNS FANTASTIC !!!!!!! and my guys who installed said it fired right up no issues, no leaks, no nothing, just purred like it had been in the truck since 1966.


Enjoy the pic!


Dave & Vickie Beard




Good Morning Bruce,


It has been nearly two years since I took delivery of the 347-stroker you and your team built for me.  I thought I would send you a note about my progress and the performance of the engine.


When I was doing my research I spoke with many of your competitors and sought references from other cobra builders, your engines are heads above the others and the references were all very strong.  I have no doubt that I made the correct choice when engaging the Engine Factory to build my engine.


When I find an open road and get on it, the acceleration is outstanding. The PA State inspector said that he has driven dozens of cobras over the years and thought mine was one of the best he has ever driven.  Plenty of power and predictable behavior. 


Thank you for building me a great engine, providing great service and being patient with and responsive to my numerous questions.


If I ever build another Factory Five I will certainly give you a call.





I have never given a formal review or pictures of my 65 fastback with your engine. I sent you a picture when I received it sitting in its crate and you still have it on your web site, made me smile. Forums yes,,,probably sent 100 people your way.  Today in a rare happening in 2016 I was confirmed the character and integrity of your company from the top down as solid. Thank you Matt. You helped me years ago and did as much as you could do even to this day to help me. It did not matter if my records were found regarding my view of the product, You should here it rumble. It has never ever ever ever not started. In fact two days ago it had been year since the last start, it in fact scared me because it started too quick on 1 and 1/2 turn of the starter. I only asked for the specs because people are starting to ask me again what and where  all over again. Please know how proud you should be to work for a reputable stand up company.  I am lucky as well and cherish every day.

thx Mark C.



Tom Tigue reviewed Muscle Car Engines  5 star rating

July 9 at 12:49pm · 

Back in 2002, I received my 302 in California - Packaging was first rate... now in Hawaii and after close to 165K miles the engine is rock solid - smooth as a baby's bottom - I have to replace the rocker gaskets and - while at it- the intake gaskets...I was unsure of the port size for gasket selection so sent a note to the Engine Factory.... got a rapid response with part #'s and install tips/cautions.
Now that is customer-centric service - and after 14 years!

Thank you Sirs!

Bigisland Tom



Susan Tank reviewed Muscle Car Engines  5 star

21 hrs · 

Being a woman, and being far from a mechanic, I somewhat expected to be treated a bit differently, especially with the many questions I had, but that wasn't the case at all with the Engine Factory family. They were very supportive and helpful in every way. I was beyond impressed with everything about them - from all my phones calls w/questions, fast email replies to even more questions, the email updates of the engine being built, detailed installation instructions, build time, delivery time.....everything. But nothing was more impressive than the engine itself. I wanted to put it in my living room for a few weeks just to stare at it! LOL Just love it! I have another classic car (Mopar) I'm thinking of getting a new engine for some time in the future and, without a doubt, I'll be calling the Engine Factory again. You guys are simply Top Notch. Thank you again for all that you do and all that you've done. Keep up the outstanding work!

Click here to see Sues engine run   https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153706691918990/





My name is Tom ,and I searched for engines everywhere I spoke with Matt 2 yrs. ago from the Engine Factory, good man let me say. I explained to him the type of car an what gears tires etc. I had lots of questions he put me on a three way chat with MSD and Dart, an man I learned lots, at this point I was sold he went to the extreme too get me info, at that time I was not ready to buy. About 4 weeks ago I called him again . It was like we were good friends, I have a classic chassis front end an required special made headers,, which I had a guy Dan from lemons headers , Matt got on the phone right away with a 3 way chat and changed my heads too angle plugs went over all parts an got the best results ,as time went on I went to the Engine Factory, Tim and his crew showed me and my wife around I picked out the bling an I was pumped, at first I was Leary but I read reviews and I was ok, this company is family run an really great people, trust me people they know there shit was the best money I spent.


Click this Blue link to see on video what Tom thinks about Engine Factory and see his engine run   https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153714727733990/    




350 Chevy Engine Factoey 

From: Randy Ranker [mailto:old40bodyworks@gmail.com]


Bruce, here is a picture of the Awesome!!! 350 you built for old 40 bodyworks installed in the 55 Chevy 210 2 dr. sedan





From: Gunther Maier [mailto: gman1954@me.com 


I did a long research with different crate engine companies. The Engine Factory, Matt and Bruce, is absolutely amazing. 


They built  the engine for my needs, I am towing my Harley once in a while. Also when you have questions, they will have an answer for you!


Get the matching March serpentine system also, it not only looks great but works even better. The engine is hot tested and runs right out of the box. Everybody who has seen it so far is just wowed. I wanted a daily driver I can depend on and that is what I got.


This was one of the best decisions I made on the truck!


Good luck, give them a call you will not regret it.













Joe I am glad to see you are enjoying both!!!!  The car and your engine.






Hi this is Gary Johnson I wanted to again thank you very much for the beautiful engine you built me I am very proud! I don’t have any “action video” as yet. Today is the first day the new 434 stroker hit the road for real other than testing the new 2004R stage 3 transmission.     

Here is a simple walk around of the engine idling in the car.

Thanks for everything,

Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson’s  Chevy 434 Dart Block from Engine Factory Live Run

 Gary Johnson Chevy 434 Stroker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1fdCx8Mhns     




Hey Matt, this is Ricky Strickland, here are a few pictures of my '34 Coupe.


Motor runs great and thanks a lot!




From: David Sullenberger [mailto:dsullenb@gmail.com]

Here is a couple of pictures of Mike Pesce's 1968 Camaro with the 434 small block he purchased from the engine factory. The car took 4 1/2 years to build. At the car shows people are very interested in the engine and want to know where it came from. The car was appraised at $80,000. I shake every time we take it for a ride. Few people have had the opportunity to take a ride in the car. Afraid the engine will twist the frame or something we get on it.

Thank you Engine Factory for such a nice high power engine.     

David Sullenberger



What a great build. It looks awesome. Runs great. What power.

Thank you all for the help going thru the process you went far above. I tell all the people the Engine Factory built me this fine work of art.  Your all very descent people.

So thank you very very much,

Richard Butala [boots57@live.com]

Richard Butala Chevy 383 Stroker MSD Atomic EFI



Matt & Bruce,


Thanks so much for the absolutely awesome job on the 383 Chevy Stroker you built for me. It was everything and more than expected, from the completion on time as promised, to the most immaculate detail work that anyone could possibly expect right down to the packaging. I will certainly recommend The Engine Factory to anyone wanting a truly complete turn key engine. This is exactly the reason I've put in another order for your 610 HP LS engine.


Thanks and great job!!!


James Sowell





I  hope you're well, you may not remember me, I'm Graeme Creasey from the UK, I purchased a Chevy 383 street beast from you nearly 4 years ago now to go into my Dax Cobra Kit car.


It's taken me nearly as long to send some pics to you as it did for me to build the car!  She runs like an absolute dream.  The feeling of driving it through the sleepy villages in Cambridgeshire with the tell tale rumble of the V8 is amazing.


I told you at the beginning of the build that I was an IT geek and had no experience in the automotive world and needed hand holding!  Matt you and EngineFactory were bloody amazing, built on time, tested and video shared ahead of shipping, then organising the shipment over to the UK. All of which was on time and the engine is fantastic, a real performer and head turner.


I will be a return customer, in actual fact I'll call you very soon!





 Labor Day weekend at the Lead East Car Show in Parsippany



Engine Factory was one of the top vendors this Labor Day weekend at the Lead East Car Show in Parsippany, NJ. We brought along 3 of our top selling engines; a 440 Mopar, 302 Ford, and a live run Chevy engine. We met up with hundreds of our satisfied customers who introduced us to hundreds of new customers. 1800 Hot Rods and Muscle cars along with 34 Rock Bands, it was Awesome!!!!


Bruce Nelson






Dear Bruce

Attached is a picture of my engine fitted.  The engine started up nicely and runs very strong.




Zimbabwe, Africa





Subject: Awesome 55 Nomad - See it run at http://youtu.be/eiMnHLw0ycI


Bruce ,Matt  and the Team @ the Engine Factory   383 Stroker that you put together for my  55 Nomad, RUNS GREAT  !!!!   AND DRAWS ALOTTA ATTENTION  EVERYTIME I OPEN THE HOOD ---I TELL PEOPLE ALLTHE TIME IF YOUR GOING TO HAVE A MOTOR BUILT TO GIVE U GUYS A CALL .




Matt.  I've been somewhat tardy in  letting you know how the 450 HP 383 Stroker motor is working.  I now have 2 summers and 10,000 plus miles on it and it's as strong as the day we first started it.  It's everything that you said it would be and still as pretty as a picture.  I just completed Hot Rod Magazines Drag Week, running 1100 miles in 4 days and making 22 consistent passes at 5 tracks.  I've hooked it to a 700R4 with a 3800 FTI stall converter.  The attached photo tells the story.  The next time I need an engine, I won't even bother shopping;  I'll just call you and order what I want.  Your service, delivery, and after the fact help is over and above.  Thank-you for a great experience. 


Spanky Goodin





Thanks guys for the great service!

This is exactly what I wanted for my 95 Mustang 302 GT.

John Dixon






I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the beautiful 383 stroker you built for my 1974 Chevelle. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about making a purchase of that magnitude sight unseen. Matt was extremely patient and detailed with all aspects of the build from start to finish to delivery and even after service. I can't thank you enough Matt for treating me with respect and a person not just a sale!  This engine is a beast and my brother is smiling down on me and riding with me. If your looking at other places there is no comparison buy engine factory or don't buy it!!!





Bruce and Tim

My son Brian and I would like to thank you and Tim for the Engine Factory shop tour on October 12th. We had a very positive experience earlier this year when we placed the engine order with Matt and you and after the shop tour we became even more convinced we found the right place to build our Ford 331 Stroker Engine!

During our visit, we were amazed at Tim’s knowledge regarding these engine builds. We came prepared with a long checklist of questions for our build and before we had a chance to ask even one question, Tim had confidently addressed each and every one.

Our 1966 Mustang Fastback is nearing completion and has been a father/son project for the past twelve years. We’ve done the majority of work ourselves, so this has become a very special car to us and it was important to us to have just the right engine. We wanted a company that knows engine building, that uses quality American parts, and that stands behind their product. Both my son and I feel we found all that in the Engine Factory. We look forward to receiving the finished product and getting the ’66 Mustang on the road by spring 2016!


Bill Engisch




Hello Matt and Engine Factory Team.


The engine has arived to my garage in Sweden. Everything looks really good!

Now I have some nice work in the dark Swedish winter.


Thanks alot!

Best regards!

Mats Gyllensvaan




From: Kris Rolfson   krisrolfson@gmail.com


Thanks for the GREAT 383 Stroker Engine. A pic of it installed in 1970 Olds Cutlass.  Running through upgraded TH350. Rear end has Auburn posi and 3.73 gears. Did first burnout yesterday.



San Diego




Robert Truss Engine 

HI Matt

Wanted to give you an update on the 408 stroker MOPAR engine you built for my 1977 Dodge Warlock. Finally got the truck finished and I am real pleased with the engine package. You guys went the extra mile to ensure I had a Top of the Line Package. The transmission you recommended, was a perfect selection. Your technical bulletins prior to starting the engine were great. Helped us to avoid any missed steps, in preparing the engine to fire for the first time. The truck  is a Beast, not only does it look good, but it has more power than one can imagine. Your engines do make Horsepower.  Scared myself on the second road trip I took, LOTS OF POWER.   I appreciate your attention to detail, and your customer support. Keep up the GOOD WORK.


Robert Truss














Matt and Bruce Thanks for the Awesome Engine You built


For my 87 El Camino


Gale Osborne



From: Richard Butala

 I do not have any questions., but would like to tell you how much I like your web sites, They are so informational and so easy to navigate. I will tell you truth  when I was looking for my engine I kept coming back to your web site for the info I needed, when looking at other sites that didn’t offer much help. I soon realized that your company was the one I wanted to do business with. The videos made me more comfortable about handing my hard earn money over to people I didn’t know. I felt that all of you were very honest hard working people and would do what you said. I’m sorry to say that I’ve been taken by other business. So whoever designed your web site is one genius.


Richard Butala



Michael Effinger Engine Build 

From: Michael Effinger [bjeffinger911@hotmail.com]

 Bruce & Matt, Here are some pictures of my 1957 Belair with the 430 HP Motor, Everything went in easily as promised and it fired right up, sounds and runs fantastic. I could't be happier with my choice to use the Engine Factory and will recommend you to anybody.


Michael Effinger




A customer dropped by today to show us his Daytona Coupe that we built the

331 Ford Stroker Engine for; great job! Engine runs perfect.




 From: Stoltz, Joseph M [mailto:joseph.m.stoltz@pfizer.com]

Hi Bruce, Matt and Brad,

 Here are pics and video of the 350 400 horse engine you built for my 1971 Corvette.  Everything went in fine and everything clears.  Going for a ride before the snow comes! 

 You guys will get a lot of free advertising at the car shows this summer.  There are no not a lot of sleepers like this car around here with that kind of horse power tucked under a stock hood.



 Joe Stoltz




 From: mhr51@verizon.net

Hi Bruce,

I attached a photo of my finished engine. I must say in the 45 years in the automotive business I have not seen the attention to detail that Tim has put into this engine. It looks and sounds fantastic. Thank you so much . I will be sure to pass this along to anyone looking for an engine. I hope you all have a great 2015.

Thanks again Fred Riedel



Engine Build for Doug Stewart


Subject: 427 Cobra Engine

Thanks Engine Factory

This thing fits like a glove.  I'm very pleased with the engine and service I will keep you posted as we finish up the car.


Doug Stewart




Finally have the engine installed in my car. Looks and sounds great!




Brian Rozell


Rozell Industries Inc.





434 Small Block Engine Build for David Sullenberger 

From: David Sullenberger [mailto:dsullenb@gmail.com]

Subject: 1968 Camaro, Satisfied Customer


The 434 small block you built for me is a work of art. Only taken the car to one car show and the people came out of the woodwork to see this car and engine. Had people come and tell me this is the best car and engine they have ever seen. My first ride was without the windshield with my neighbor in the winter time. I didn't get into the throttle to much and scared the hell out of my neighbor. We looked like dumb and dumber when we got home. The motor has incredible power and can break the tires at will. Thanks Matt for answering all of my questions on the build. Please share the pictures with everybody.

Thanks again,

 David Sullenberger.   



Jim O'Connell engine build 


My son-in-law and I installed the engine and drive train last evening. 
Jim O'Connell Ford 347 Stroker https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152389583948990

My son-in-law is rebuilding a Mustang and was going to rebuild the engine himself. Once he saw the engine you built for me he is rethinking his decision and may go with a crate motor from the Engine Factory.




Hey just thought I would send you a picture of your engine in my corvette. It is a beast!


Thanks for everything,




mike mezo engine build 



Brad Bruce and Matt Just wanted to say a big thanks for the 418 ls3 crate motor 610 hp We got from you guys a few months ago..we put it in a 3300 pounds 62 Nova went 11.02 @ 123.50 mph for the first pass of the year running very good on street tires a full exhaust.


Thanks again Mike



Adam Ross engine build 


Dear Matt, Bruce and the Team

I have now done 500 miles with my new 383 stroker installed in my AC Cobra Replica and I am very very happy with both the sound and the performance. The customer service, delivery time, engine build time were all exceptional.

Thanks again
Adam Ross



From: R Newell [mailto:rnewell995@gmail.com]


I bought my 383  engine 3 years ago and it has been one of the best engines I have ever run. I had a small problem with the motor which was sent to me and I notified Matt of my concerns. Matt allowed me to keep the engine in my Nova to finish the remainder of the car shows that I was scheduled to be in, and then had the engine picked up and took care of the problem without hesitation! These guys truly stand behind their products. My next project will surely have an Engine Factory engine as well. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions

Scott Newell
383/510+ HP.



Engine Factory Engine Build for Micheal Bernardin

Bruce and Matt thanks for the Fine engine you built for my ’34 Ford two door sedan.

The engine is good to go and runs like its suppose to.

Thanks for the time you put in on the set up and workmanship that went into the build. It saved me a lot

of time getting the 4.3 out and the 350 in.


Thanks goes out to your guys that made my day.


Micheal Bernardin


Engine Factory Team especially Brad  Thanks for the great service building me an awesome Chevy Stroker for my 71 Nova.

 Mike Pravecek


Engine Factory engine build for Micheal Bernardin  

From: Scott Olsgard [mailto:solsgard@yahoo.com]


Subject: 1972 Camaro RS



 It's been three or so years since I had you build me a 425 HP 350 fast burn double roller. After a wrench throwing three and a half year complete frame off restoration on my 1972 RS Camaro, I finished it and took 22 awards at car shows in the last two years, including a trophy for, "Best Engine".

Thank all of you for building me a great engine and providing great customer support in the process!!


Scott Olsgard

Marysville/Gridley California.


Engine Factory Engine Build for Frank Day 


Chris & Bruce

It’s been almost 5 years since I ordered my HO 302/375 HP Engine.

My FFR MK3 roadster project is finally coming to a close with paint and final assembly. I’ve had several test runs and this motor is a beast. I want to thank you and your assembly team for delivering such a great product. The motor ran great from day one. This really was the right power to weight ratio for this frame. Both friends and family always comment on the engine dress package. Not only does it have great internal components for performance it also looks great as well.

Thanks Again and I won’t hesitate to recommend your engines to future FFR builders.

Again many thanks

Frank Day


Thanks Engine Factory for Building an Awesome LS3 / 610 horsepower Engine
for my Dads 1962 Nova.

Mike Mezo




From: sammyb704@verizon.net


Dear Engine Factory Team,


My 350 Chevy engine was all that I could ask for and more. It looks great.  It runs great and it sounds even better.  You did a fantastic job.  I can hardly wait for spring.  


Once again, thanks,



Finished assembly and testing today everything turned out 100%. Please understand your engine Tests quiet because the EPA & OSHA now makes us vent the exhaust sound out 30 feet away from the engine >>> Thanks Big Government. Click on the blue link below it is a short video clip of your engine running. After you install a nice set of Headers and Flow Master Mufflers Your engine will sound Awesome!!!!!




Hey Guys

I just finished my truck the other day here are some pictures.
It runs and looks Awesome!!!!

Bucky's Video

Thanks again for all your help.

Bucky Andrews
Inventory Control
Houston, Texas 77032


  Engine Build for Mikes Cobra


I wanted to thank you and your team for doing such a great job building the engine for my Cobra. It was great to find such a great company so close to home when I was looking for an engine builder for my Cobra. The engine looks great, sounds great  and runs great.  I really enjoyed working with you and your team.  I highly recommend your company for anyone considering a performance engine. 






Thanks everyone at the engine factory for building an Awesome 350/375 Horsepower Small Block Chevy Engine for my 51 Ford wagon I drive it all the time I am a very Happy customer.


From: Stephen Haggerty [mailto:stepmar@optonline.net]



John Volok

Factory Five customer John V. sent us a this picture of his FFR '33 Hot Rod with PowerNation host Courtney Hansen at the Austin Autorama last weekend. John's '33 was awarded second place in class and received hundreds of inquiries about his build. John concluded his message by saying that he built his Factory Five '33 with Engine Factory Engine into his dream car.


Engine above is an Engine Factory Chevy Stroker with full Serpentine Belt System.
GM Crate Engine
Engine above is a GM Chevy Stroker with a
full Serpentine Belt System.

Bruce & Matt,

I am seriously knocked out. It was a decision to go with you guys over a GM crate engine. Now that it's done, I'd say that your engine looks like a Rolls Royce Merlin compared to a GM turnkey. Right decision. I talked it over with my very close Corvette friend, his take on the engine choice, "A car that's a work of art , needs an engine that's a work of art".

Thanks for the class act,


Take a look at both engines which one would you like to have?


Take a look and listen to the Engine Factory engine running at Engine Eactory.




To all the guys at The Engine Factory!



I can’t tell you how many compliments have come in on this motor – even starting from the shipping pallet !

All the lookers stop by and dream – and I’m looking at them and realizing all the times ‘I’ was the looker doing the dreaming!

Thanks for helping me get my dream realized!


The engine is married up with a freshly rebuilt (original) TH350 with a PATC 700 Turbo Raptor torque converter and breathes through a set of Flowtech 3” ceramic / stainless headers and a nice stainless Flowmaster American Thunder 2.5” system with Violator mufflers from Summit Racing.     The combination is OUTSTANDING.  My nephew has said it best after I gave him a hot ride…  he says  - “It just sounds soooo ANGRY!”     J


A Happy Cruiser – Rick Goshert




Today arrived the engine here in Sweden, now we begin assembly.

I will return with pics when we start up engine. Thanks for delivering on time exactly as quoted.

Roger Månström





Thank you guys again for the great work on my 430 hp 350 engine. This is my third engine I have purchased from you guys the other two were for a cobra and a Daytona coupe. I think this is the best engine yet. 

By far you guys surpass the competition. I just hooked the engine up to a 70 r4 trans and dropped it in last night. I still need to hook up the fuel tank, radiator, wiring and  headers but that shouldn't take long. My hopes are to have one the best handling as well as best looking 71 chevelles around. Thanks again for contributing to that goal. If I ever get a fourth project, and I probably will, Ill be calling you.


Thanks again James Edwards



Bruce you built me a fantastic 383 Chevy a few years ago. Engine runs great – 11.92 at the strip in a 3800 lb car. I used a 700 R4 with 3.73 rear gearset.


I appreciate your help and I hope business is as strong as my engine runs !!


Thanks Eric Hoenig


434 Engine, Engine Factory 


Morning Matt and the engine factory team.


I have finally attached some photos of the Holden hx panel van, with your lovely motor in it. We had the first drive yesterday all went well and she purred along. We are still   a couple of weeks away from bring her home .   click her to hear this 434 run   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=531080330741


Thanks so much


Brad Thomson




Engine Factory

Happy Customer

Dear Tim

Thank you very much for your time.
I really enjoyed being at the shop on Tuesday.
Excellent tips, warm reception, lots of useful information.
And most important of all, I felt welcome, like at home.
I got a new thermostat housing a s gift and, needless to say, I will recommend The Engine Factory to any person interested in building an engine.





From: Pablo Prigioni New York Knicks Point Guard


Hello Matt, Hello Bruce,


How are you?


I want to thank you for the engine, it's exciting to hear him run.

I'd like to add my testimony in the session "Satisfied Customers".

I enclose letter, photo and video links.


Thank you so much


PS: Please let me know if you can put my testimony




Many thanks to Bruce, Matt and all the Staff of Engine factory

for the wonderful V8 that I have built.

It 'a great thrill to hear it run.
I'm very satisfied


Chevy 350 SB 5.7 350HP


My '53 Truck will be a pleasure to drive


Thanks again



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5BXdWhP6ik   First Start



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWPklJuGDJg&feature=endscreen&NR=1 Second Start (this is better)



From: Ken Garguilo [mailto:kengar1@gmail.com]
To: Engine Factory
Subject: Ken Garguilo

Bruce & Matt
Well we finally put the engine in and it is running great. I would like to
thank you and your team for doing such a great job on my sons and my 68
Camaro. The engine was far past both of our expectations. You and your team
truly lived up to your reputation and I would highly recommend you to
everyone. We took it to our first show in New Smyrna  and it was a head
turner. Thanks again for doing such a great job and we will enjoy it for
many years to come.

Ken Garguilo




Bruce and Matt thanks for building an Awesome 383 for my 32 Roadster it is everything you said it would be, delivered on time and at exactly the Price you said it would be.


 Thanks Lee Burt






I just wanted to send a follow-up email to thank you for the unbelievable customer service I have received before, during and after the purchase of my 383 stroker. From my initial phone call to inquire about purchasing a motor to the follow up phone calls to finalize and custom tailor the motor to what I wanted, Matt answered every question completely. Matt outlined the whole process and assured me everything would be done as per our conversation. To my surprise everything DID go as Matt said it would, from the pictures of my motor being built, watching it run live on the stand, to the delivery of it. I know I have said this numerous times but my engine purchase had to be one of the easiest purchases I made during the restoration of my 67 Camaro. (Matt, Thanks again for all your help!!)  I would also like to thank you for allowing me to trailer my Camaro down to your production facility in Lebanon, NJ for Jersey boyz (Tim, Brad and Rob) to adjust the timing and carburetor 2 years after it was built.
You have a good group of guys up here, all three jumped right in to help get my engine dialed in perfectly. It now starts, idles and runs amazing. Now I can't wait to finish the restoration and put some miles on it! Please post my email in the customer's letters section as another COMPLETELY SATISFIED customer. I still owe the Jersey Boyz lunch or at least a couple of beers.


Derek D.
1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS
383 Stroker 500hp build



From: jan.nordin@goodtech.se

Matt, Brad and Bruce


Thanks for a great engine for my 1964 Chevy Impala it looks awesome. Bruce thanks for all the technical information, pictures and live run video. I will send pictures once I have everything finalized.


Jan Nordin Sweden



From: Joe Kalke [mailto:jfkalke@chartertn.net]



Here's a pic of the engine installation in my T bucket. 


 At this time I would like to thank The Engine Factory, especially Matt & Brad for the outstanding customer service I received with the carburetor issue I had the other day.  Customer service like this is hard to find anywhere.


Thanks again,


Joe Kalke


From: Carlan Cooper <carlan_cooper@reyrey.com>
Subject: 32 ford

My name is Carlan Cooper. I am sending you a picture of my 32 Ford that I recently finished it has your 383, 460 horse crate motor. It fired up first time and runs great.




Thought you might like to see some pics of the completed project.  Your engine looks great and runs even better.  Thanks for your help, and great engine!


Jack Farnsworth

Servpro of E. Bellevue, Inc.

(425) 643-1200


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