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Make no mistake... This is the best fuel injection system available. All the benefits of a MASS AIR fuel injection system with the vintage look of a 4bbl carburetor. It is NOT A SPEED DENSITY SYSTEM like other similar systems. It uses production (not aftermarket) mass air engine management, for years of trouble-free service and production car quality driveabilty, while providing real performance benefits over a carburetor or a speed density system.


Why our system? Here's why!

Don't settle for empty promises, GET REAL RESULTS! The other companies make it sound as if it's a benefit to have the ability to "tune" their systems. It's NOT a benefit... IT'S A HASSLE! The reality is, programmable speed density EFI systems are not much more efficient than a 4 bbl carburetor. You're punching keys on a computer, rather than turning screws and changing jets and springs in a carburetor. The end result is an expensive system, that cost almost as much money to get tuned properly as the initial cost of the system. And where is the advantage? They require constant laptop fiddling to keep running properly. You could have gotten that with a carburetor! They are a little more efficient than a carburetor, but not enough to justify the cost. The only thing worse than a programmable speed density system, (besides a carburetor), is a NON-programmable speed density system. Non-programmable speed density systems only work on bone stock or specific applications. Non-programmable (or non user-programmable) systems are factory calibrated to a specific engine, with a specific combination of parts. They have no provision to account for variances such as engine modifications (even minor ones!), vehicle specifics, or atmospheric conditions. The result is, they just do not work very well.

Our MASS AIR system does it all for you, and provides REAL PERFORMANCE BENEFITS over a carburetor or speed density system. It is by far the most user-friendly and most effective aftermarket fuel injection system on the market. Get improved power and torque as well as improved fuel economy, performance and reliability. Unlike programmable speed density systems, you will never need to tune this system. No laptop, no hand-held programmer, no tuning or tweeking, no dyno! This saves you the hassle and expense of tuning and trips to the dyno. When it comes time to make further engine mods, chances are you will not need to change a thing on our system. If you plan to make LARGE gains in horsepower, and you need to change your injector size, just return the air meter, and we will recalibrate it for you, rather than retuning, reprogramming, and more trips to the dyno. Our system is even easier to use than a carburetor. You need to tune a carburetor. With our system, you just install it, and you're done!


So how does it work?

Any naturally aspirated engine, regardless of brand, size, combination of parts, etc., requires a given air/fuel ratio, at a given load. These ratios do not change from engine to engine, until you get into forced induction applications. (We'll get to that later). The needed air/fuel ratio changes with such things as engine temperature, air temperature, and atmospheric pressure, but the needed changes, again, are the same for all engines. The task for any management system is to add the correct amount of fuel to the amount of air that the engine uses. Carburetors do it mechanically, and so, are mechanically limited as to how accurate they can be. Speed density systems do it by comparing the readings from various sensors to tables within the engine controller to try to determine the amount of air the engine is using. This actually works very well, IF THE VALUES IN THE TABLES ARE CORRECT, and there lies the challenge. There are a lot of values, and a lot of tables, and a professional tuner is required to enter the correct values into all of those cells in all of those tables. But you are not done there! The next step is to drive the vehicle in the real world, and adjust all of those values to tune out all of the drivability issues you will have. The other problem is speed density's limited ability to self adjust, and so, your laptop must permanently reside in the passenger's seat. Worse than that, non-programmable, or pre-programmed speed density systems arrive at your door with the programming done. They have been pre-tuned at the manufacturer on the dyno with a pre-determined combination of parts on a specific engine. That would be great, but remember the part where this does not really work very well in the real world? Well, with these systems, you can't even fix it! Even worse, if you want to make a change to your engine, you simply can't.

Mass-Flo does it differently. There is a Mass Air Flow Meter Hidden away inside your air cleaner. This meter can actually measure the amount of air that is entering your engine, and again, if you know how much air the engine is using, then you just add the correct amount of fuel. It's that simple. The air/fuel ratio is adjusted accordingly to compensate for the load, and variances in engine temperature, air temperature, and atmospheric pressure by reading values from sensors that are included in the system. If you decide to make improvements to your engine, Mass-Flo simply adapts to those changes. Keep in mind... An engine is just a big air pump. Changing heads, camshafts, intakes, exhaust systems, displacement, etc., are just ways of making your air pump more efficient, or in other words, using more air. Since Mass-Flo measures the amount of air the engine is using, it simply adds the correct amount of fuel. With speed density, it's back to the dyno to start all over again.

In forced induction applications, the ratios are different, and a different tune is needed. We also have a tune to cover those applications. In fact, Mass-Flo can be adapted just about anywhere. If you want something made custom, let us know. We can do dual quads, and other applications where two Mass Air Meters are required. In all cases, no tuning is ever required by the customer.

There's one other thing we should mention... Speed density relies heavily on the signal from the MAP (manifold air pressure) sensor to determine how much fuel to add. This sensor measures the engine's vacuum at the manifold. So what happens when your camshaft produces poor vacuum? You guessed it... Horrible drivability is the result. Mass-Flo does not use a MAP sensor. You can use any camshaft you want with our system.


Not all Mass Air systems are created equal.

We frequently get calls from people who say that they already have mass air management in their production vehicle, and when they made changes to their engine, they needed to get a chip burned to make it run correctly. Many will say that even the chip did not make it right. They are correct...

The fact is, there is only one management system on the planet that will allow us to do what we do... OURS!

Most production management systems will work wonders with a stock engine, or something with minor modifications, but are not so great with an engine that is too far from stock. General Motors systems, for instance, do not respond well to major upgrades, and no amount of chip tuning or dyno time will make it right. They run, but not quite as well as they should. Ours works differently. It's all in the programming!


Custom tuning available.

I know what you are thinking... We just told you that the system does not require tuning, so why are we offering it? The answer is... some customers want custom features, so we offer this as an option. For example... The computer's pre-set rev limit is 6250 RPM. Some customers may want this changed. We can make the computer run an electric cooling fan if you'd like. It can run coil packs, or coil-on-plug systems. We can even create a program with two distinctly different "tunes". For example, you could have your daily driver "tune", and another one for the valet that will limit the engines RPM. There are many possibilities. Give us a call to discuss your needs.


Things you should know before you buy...

No matter how good any system is, eventually, you may need parts or service. It may be 20 years from now, but at some point, it may happen. Truthfully this system is quite simple, and there is little that could go wrong, but should something happen, someone will need to diagnose the system, and get replacement parts.

Let's look at the first part... Diagnosis. First of all, when you go to the garage for repair work on any of the other systems out there, you'll likely have trouble getting them to work on your engine, because the system is unfamiliar to them. If they will work on it, they will not have diagnostic information readily available to them, and they will need to spend wasted hours on the phone with the manufacturer getting tech support. All the while your repair bill is growing ever larger. With our system, everything is familiar. Since our system uses production engine management, it is serviceable at ANY automotive service center. Unlike the other systems on the market, our system is comprised entirely of proven and familiar components that have been used for years in regular production vehicles. Almost every repair shop has a diagnostic scan tool to get diagnostic information and trouble codes from production engine management systems, and the literature necessary to make the correct diagnosis (code definitions, and diagnostic charts), so diagnostics on our system is easy. In fact, most problems you could easily fix yourself. All that's required to get trouble codes with our system is a jumper wire, and the code definitions are right in your manual.

Now the second part... Getting parts. Since our system is comprised entirely of components used on regular production vehicles, everything you will ever need is on the shelf at the local parts store, AND ALWAYS WILL BE! Try that with the other systems! With their systems, you'll need to buy parts directly from them, and wait for them to arrive. In the mean time, you're going nowhere. That's assuming that parts are still available. Most companies change products every couple of years, and discontinue the old stuff. How about if the processor (computer) goes bad? There goes all that time you spent programming! With our system, you just go to ANY parts store, pick up a new processor, and plug it in. It's already all programmed and ready to go, right off the shelf! The other thing worth mentioning, is the fact that we could go out of business tomorrow, and it would not mean a thing to you as the customer. We have no intentions of going anywhere, but it happens, and if it did, everything you will ever need will still be at the parts store.


System includes:

* Four barrel Intake manifold for your application. Many systems have a choice of intakes. Please call to discuss your application.

* Our own custom 1000 CFM 4bbl throttle body. It features all aluminum and stainless steel construction, sealed ball bearings on the throttle shafts, and progressive linkage. Comes complete with idle control motor and throttle position sensor. This is absolutely the finest 4 bbl throttle body on the market!

* Jumbo fuel rails and mounts. Rails have 9/16" diameter bores providing excellent flow and dampening characteristics.

* Our custom compact high flow mass air meter (Patent pending). The air meter is concealed within the air cleaner of your choice to maintain the vintage look!

* Complete stand alone wiring harness. This high quality harness allows easy installation of EFI into any vehicle without connecting to your existing harness.

* Production mass air computer.

* Eight high quality fuel injectors. Standard sizes are 19, 24, 30, 36, or 42 pound/hr flow rate. Larger sizes are available at extra cost. These fuel injectors are held to much closer tolerance than typical production injectors. We will help you choose the correct size for your application.

* All needed sensors. Most of the sensors are mounted right on the injection system for a simple install. No crank sensor to complicate the process!

* High performance billet aluminum distributor complete with ignition module. Our entire ignition system is contained within the distributor and ECM. Just install the distributor and plug it into the harness. No spark boxes to install!

* High performance coil, with heat sink/mounting bracket.

* Base gasket, throttle cable bracket, assorted hardware and fittings necessary for the installation, PCV valve, instructions.

All of these components are absolutely the best quality available. Unlike the competition, we will never sell you something that is "good enough" just because it costs less to produce.










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