450 HP / 383 Stroker Mini Ram Corvette Fuel Injected Engine


Replaces any Small Block Chevy Originally Equipped with TPI



  • New Chrome Oil pan, Timing cover and  Baffled Valve Covers

  • New Dipstick, Diptube and Oil filter

  • Mini Ram Fuel Injected Intake  Manifold #500-505

  • New Water Pump

  • New Fuel Rail Kit #500-507 Corvette,#500-508 Camaro&Firebird

  • New 30lb. Fuel Injectors #300-512

  • New 58mm Throttle Body -1000 cfm

  • Bosch Fuel Pump

  • Custom Computer Chip

  • New Champion Spark plugs gapped and installed

  • High Temp. Resistant Ignition Wires

  • New Thermostat Housing

  •  Balanced, Blueprinted and Painted with High Temp Enamel Paint

  • Packaged and Crated for Shipment

  • Instructions Included with a Video



The Mini- Ram Intake Manifold is ideal for any Corvette enthusiast. It delivers more torque from 2,000 to 2,700 RPM than a stock or modified TPI, and gives an awesome rush of power from 3,500 RPM to 6,000 RPM. The reason the TPI intake is so restrictive is due to its intake runner length, which is 17 inches long. The average carburetor intake is about 5-6 inches long, and the Mini- Ram intake is 3 inches long. The shorter runner produces a higher peak RPM. The higher peak RPM produces more horsepower. That is why it makes so much more power. The same runner concept is why the LT1 motors made 60 more HP over the TPI motors out of the box. If you look at stock TPI aluminum head flow numbers, and compare them to stock LT1 aluminum head flow numbers, you will see little difference. Also cam specs are very similar, and the throttle bodies, and cubic inches are the same. So why does the LT1 make more power? Simple, intake runner length is the main difference, shorter runner more RPM, and RPM is Horsepower. If GM put a 17 inch long intake runner on the LT1 motor, the numbers would be the same as the TPI motors.


High Torque Starter:    $225.00

New Air Flow Research Cylinder Heads - $1,200.00  Improved exhaust ports for better overall flow, and some major changes to the Intake port.  (Adds another 50 Horsepower)

Custom Corvette Headers$1,000.00  The header kit comes with custom made 1-3/4" primary, 3" diameter Y-pipe, clamps and premium header gaskets. These fit beautifully and utilize all the factory bolts and brackets. They are installed from the bottom with no cutting or welding required. They also make changing spark plugs a snap. 


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